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Artificial grass installation at an Arizona home

Artificial Turf Services Offered:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Backyard Lawns
  • Commercial Installations
  • Dog Runs
  • Front Yard Lawns
  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Playgrounds
  • Turf Bocce Ball Courts
  • Turf Putting Greens
  • Turf Sports Fields

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Sun Lakes


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Artificial Grass

Q: Can you tell me how to clean artificial grass?

A: Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free but from time to time you may want to clean it.

  • Palo Verde Trees: If you have a palo verde tree in your yard, you probably know that they bloom from late March until early May. During this time they drop their yellow-gold flowers in abundance. These flowers will not damage your artificial grass but you may want to clean them off.
  • After a Haboob: Somewhat unique to Arizona, haboobs are dust storms that kick up dust from the dry desert and displace it everywhere. This dust will not harm your grass but you may want to clean it off.

Cleaning your artificial grass is pretty simple. Smaller areas of turf and grass can be swept up with a stiff bristle broom. Larger areas can be cleaned with a leaf blower. If necessary, you can rinse the area with a hose. That’s all there is to it!

Q: What about dog poop and urine, how do you clean it from artificial grass?

A: Pet friendly artificial grass is an ideal option for pet owners. It differs from standard artificial grass in that it’s constructed with polyethylene fiber blades and a woven multi-layered backing. Basically, it’s 100% non-absorbent allowing pet urine to flow through it. Under the pet friendly grass is a layer of antimicrobial infill. It is specifically put in to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth that can cause odors and stain your turf. Read More

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