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Appliance Repair Services Offered:

Appliance repair - dishwasherDishwasher RepairAppliance repair - rangeRange Repair
Appliance repair - clothes dryerDryer RepairAppliance repair - refrigeratorRefrigerator Repair
Appliance repair - microwaveMicrowave RepairAppliance repair - washing machineWasher Repair

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FAQ About Appliance Repair

Q: How old is my appliance?

A: Knowing the age of an appliance means knowing when it was manufactured, not the date it was purchased. This can be an important piece of information if:

  • You need a repair and you’re checking to see if your appliance is still under warranty
  • You’re debating between hiring an appliance repair service and buying new appliances
  • You’re buying a preowned home and the appliances are part of the purchase
  • You’re considering buying a second hand appliance
  • You’re selling a used appliance and need to establish its age

The age of the appliance won’t be displayed anywhere on the appliance. It is however coded within the serial number. This can become challenging because every appliance manufacture uses their own system of coding. Fortunately, if you can locate the serial number label you can still find out the age of the appliance using this free online tool: Appliance 411

Q: What temperature should a refrigerator be?

A: According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, you should keep you refrigerator at or below 40° F. Freezers should be set at 0° F. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria and to keep food fresh as long as possible. The FDA also recommends wiping up spills immediately and regularly cleaning the inside of your refrigerator to prevent bacteria from spreading from one food to another.

Click here for more information on storing food and refrigerator temperature settings.

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