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Garage Door Repair & Installation Services Offered:

  • Commercial Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Cable Replacement
  • Garage Door Maintenance
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Roller Replacement
  • Garage Door Spring Replacement
  • New Garage Door Installation
  • Weather Stripping Replacement

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FAQ About Garage Door Repair

Q: What is the most commonly requested garage door repair?

A: The top service request is for garage door spring replacement. The garage door springs have the job of doing the heavy lifting. They are under tremendous coiled up tension. This energy gets released when the door goes up. When the door goes down, the springs coil tighter until the door is fully closed and their full tension is gained again. As a result, most spring breaks happen when the garage door is fully closed.

Garage door torsion spring repairQ: How long do garage door springs last?

A: Most of us have garage door springs that are located near the wall, just above the garage door in the center. These are called torsion springs. These springs are not rated in years but in cycles or the number of time that they can lift and close the garage door before failing.

In an average household where the garage door is used 6 time a day, your garage door springs should last: Read More

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